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Why You Should Buy an Alkaline Water Machine

Why You Should Buy an Alkaline Water Machine

At Tokui, we are committed to transforming tap water into healthy, hydrogen-rich and electrolysed-reduced drinking water. This electrolysed alkaline water brings countless benefits, and it is no wonder why most health-conscious individuals have this machine in their homes.

Here are some reasons why an Alkaline Water Machine is exceptionally beneficial in your home.

Better Hydration

It is indeed healthy to drink lots of water, and what better way to hydrate than to have alkaline water? Alkaline ionised water provides better hydration than tap water as its water molecules are broken in a cluster, making it easier for the body to absorb. You'll also have a lesser chance of feeling bloated, so you can quickly drink as much as 8 to 10 glasses of water. 

Plus, it tastes better. So start drinking it now and experience the difference.

Better Nutrition

According to published scientific studies, alkaline water is a nutritional catalyst. Studies show that there is a significant increase in the uptake of sodium, potassium, and calcium.

Better Digestion

Alkaline water aids in healthy digestion and waste elimination. So, if you're in the process of watching your weight and having fitness goals, then an Alkaline Water Machine is excellent support.

Better Weight

Because Alkaline water provides better hydration, it is an essential source during exercise and weight maintenance regimens. In addition, alkaline water offers excellent transit of nutrition in and out of the cell. Alkaline water intake also promotes healthy waste elimination in the stomach and colon. And if you have a fast or calorie reduction during a diet, alkaline water's increased hydration lets you feel full while providing necessary water to cells and organs.


Studies show that alkaline ionised water is an antioxidant-free radical scavenger, making regular drinkers less prone to illnesses.

Promotes Longevity

All the benefits stated above promote body wellness and longevity. In addition, research shows that the state of water in a home is directly linked to physiological health.

Beauty Purposes

With our Tokui Alkaline Water Machine, you can select how basic or acidic you want your water to be. Acidic water, sometimes called "beauty water", is excellent for cleaning and personal hygiene. You can easily select pH level 2.5 on your machine.


Toxic-Free Cleaning

Individuals are now shifting to chemical-free cleaning, and a number are now using strong acidic water as a cleaning agent. Also, swimming pool systems are now converting from harsh chlorines to ionising acid water to keep the pool clean.


It is no wonder why institutions are now using strong acidic water as it is non-polluting, unlike chemical solutions. In addition, Kangen's acidic water is free of phosphates and other pollutants that harm the environment little by little.

Enjoy unlimited alkaline ionised water with the Tokui Alkaline Water Machine. Furthermore, you can enjoy eight types with just a single machine, such as:

  • Strong alkaline water (pH 11.5): Water with emulsifying action and not for drinking
  • Alkaline ionised water (pH10.5 ): For washing vegetables
  • Alkaline ionised water (pH9.5): For drinking and cooking
  • Alkaline ionised water (pH 9.0): For drinking and cooking rice
  • Alkaline ionised water (pH 8.5): Drinking
  • Purified water (pH 7.0): When drinking milk or medicine
  • Acid-ionised water (pH 5.5): For beauty, such as face washing but not for drinking
  • Hypochlorous acid water (pH 2.5): Water with high chlorine concentration and sterilising power for sterilising articles, etc. but not for drinking

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