What is the use of electrolyzed water?

Our electrolyzed water generators are product certified for managed medical devices.
As the purpose or effect of alkaline ionized water Improvement of gastrointestinal symptoms has been confirmed. 8 types of water can be made according to the purpose, from drinking to cooking, face washing, and disinfecting washing water .

Alkaline Ionized Water | Kangen Machine

Alkaline ionized water can provide a number of health benefits to the user, many of which can be helpful for preventing disease and decreasing the chance of illness, as well as being beneficial to certain niches such as athletes. H2O, the most common liquid that we all know, and one that we are required to drink to stay alive.
Many people do not give a second thought to what they are drinking, but scientific studies and research has shown that there are optimal types of liquid you should be drinking. It is important to understand that pH level contributes a great deal as to how beneficial this liquid is. The pH level should be between 6.5 and 8.5, but most is sitting around the range of 4 or 5. The lower the scale, the more acidic the liquid is.

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With alkaline ionized water, you are receiving a product with high alkaline, meaning its pH level is around 7 or 8 and above. The use of a Kangen machine can be utilised in order to develop this product, and differing pH levels depending on what you want to use it on.

Our ionized water can help:

- Reduce bone resorption
- With acid reflux
- Provide antioxidant benefits
- Athletes wanting a competitive advantage

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Reduce Bone Resorption

Bone resorption is responsible for weakening the bone and mineral density. This can lead to weakness in the joints, as well as making it easier to injure yourself. More importantly, it can lead to serious diseases such as osteoporosis, which can be significantly debilitating for many people. Our Kangen water ionizer is able to provide a product that can help to reduce the process of bone resorption, strengthening the bone and increasing mineral density.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a condition where the stomach acid is able to travel up to the chest and throat, which can cause damage and lead to GERD. This is obviously something which should be avoided. With alkalized ionized water, you are able to help reduce the acidity in the stomach, which can prevent acid reflux from happening. Studies have also shown that it can help to prevent an enzyme that contributes to acid reflux from occurring.

Beneficial to Athletes

Alkalized ionized water has been shown to be helpful to athletes. It helps them gain a competitive advantage by allowing for faster recovery by reducing muscle fatigue. Another study has shown that Kangen ionized water is able to produce a higher power output in athletes who are sprinting, compared to those that did not use the product at all.

Kangen Water Machine

The Kangen water machine is sold in both Japanese and English and is produced in both Japan and China. It contains seven electrode boards and uses an efficient power supply for its electrolysis process. It works to take liquid and change the pH level to suit certain situations. These can include for drinking, washing dishes, washing food and so on. The Kangen machine is certified as a medical device and goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure the highest possible quality and function for our customers.

Hydrogen Kangen Machine

The Hydrogen Kangen Machine differs slightly from the Kangen water machine. It helps to implement hydrogen into the liquid, which allows for a number of benefits. It can help to provide antioxidant properties which helps to get rid of free radicals in the body, which can contribute to cancer. It can further help athletes to recover faster and to increase their power output. It is a sleek product which works efficiently in its purpose and can be used for a variety of purposes, similar to our other products.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Tokui, we strive for quality for our customers. We are heavily invested and passionate about this industry, and our products go through a rigorous quality assurance process in order to allow for the best possible Kangen machine for customer use. Our products work well and are built to last the test of time. You can ensure that our Kangen machine will continue to produce high-quality drinking and washing liquid for the foreseeable future. Made and designed in Japan, you know you can trust our product to be of high quality and deliver high-quality results with every single use.

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