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What is Acidity and How To Deal With It

What is Acidity and How To Deal With It

Doctors test our bodily fluids, such as saliva, urine, and blood, as their condition is crucial to our overall well-being. For example, if too much acid is in your body, you become more prone to severe illnesses and health issues.


Acidity, sometimes called acidosis, refers to the body’s acid buildup. If you want your body fluid to be in normal condition, your pH balance must be 7 or above, and when it falls under the threshold, you are considered acidic.

You can sometimes feel you’re acidic in your stomach, and you may be dealing with any of the following:

  • Too much effort to lose weight
  • Muscle pain
  • Soreness
  • Osteoporosis
  • Dental problems
  • Frequent tiredness
  • Insomnia
  • Mucus increase
  • Dermatological problems

There are so many contributors to our body’s acidity. These could be food such as citrus fruits and dishes with lots of vinegar or liquids we consume such as alcohol, coffee, soda, and more. These substances significantly increase our body’s acidity.

The air we breathe, and our negative emotions can also impact our pH balance.

Can we fix it?

In most cases, you can deal with acidity without needing to go to the hospital. At Tokui, we have enumerated several ways to balance pH levels with easy-to-follow activities.

Drink Alkaline Water

Doctors and medical professionals will all agree that you can neutralise acidity by consuming alkaline water. Alkaline ionised water offers better hydration as its molecules are easier for the body to absorb than regular water. In addition, by just drinking this regularly, your body can quickly eliminate excess acid in the digestive tract.

You can convert tap water to alkaline ionised water with the Tokui Alkaline Kangen Water Machine. You can even enjoy eight water types in this single machine, such as:

  • Strong alkaline water (pH 11.5): Water with emulsifying action and not for drinking
  • Alkaline ionised water (pH10.5 ): For washing vegetables
  • Alkaline ionised water (pH9.5): For drinking and cooking
  • Alkaline ionised water (pH 9.0): For drinking and cooking rice
  • Alkaline ionised water (pH 8.5): Drinking
  • Purified water (pH 7.0): When drinking milk or medicine
  • Acid-ionised water (pH 5.5): For beauty, such as face washing but not for drinking
  • Hypochlorous acid water (pH 2.5): Water with high chlorine concentration and sterilising power for sterilising articles, etc. but not for drinking

Reduce Junk Food Intake

Let’s face it. Junk food is an addictive and tasty snack. However, if you want to improve your body’s pH level, you might want to remove it from your diet. You can also reduce your intake of processed food, sugary drinks, caffeine, and alcohol if possible. These food and beverages strip calcium and magnesium from your body, leaving you with higher risks of osteoporosis and other illnesses.

Healthier Diet

What you consume mainly determines you’re overall well-being. We recommend you drink green, leafy vegetables such as arugula, broccoli, celery, or kale, which have excellent alkalising properties. Dried fruits, salmon, and mackerel also provide calcium and magnesium to the body.


You have to deal with your acidity levels in their early stages to prevent illnesses and discomfort. 

In conclusion, you can deal with acidity by consuming alkaline water and eating right. Stress can also affect your acidity levels, so you must rest properly after a hard day’s work.

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