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What is Alkaline Ionized Water?

What is Alkaline Ionized Water?

Alkaline ionized water is water that contains minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium ionized by electrolyzing water.

The measurement is made with a portable dissolved hydrogen concentration meter. As you can see, a high value can be observed at the moment alkaline ionized water (hydrogen water) is added to the glass, but after a little time, the concentration of dissolved hydrogen decreases. From this measurement, we can say that it is better to drink freshly prepared hydrogen water. You can easily and immediately make freshly prepared hydrogen water (alkaline ionized reduced water) anytime by turning on the kitchen faucet, so please enjoy drinking freshly prepared water.

Alkaline ionized water produced by an alkaline ionized water apparatus has been found to have the power to reduce water and is called "reduced water. Alkaline ionized water is both reduced water and hydrogen water.
Alkaline ionized water = reduced water = hydrogen water. We often hear stories of people purchasing alkaline ionized water from a mail-order company while having an alkaline ionized water apparatus installed in their kitchen, so we hope you will know that they are the same thing.

Hydrogen can be made highly concentrated in water by pressing it under pressure or continuing to generate it in a sealed container, but scientific calculations have proven that 1.57ppm is the saturation value of dissolved hydrogen concentration in water at normal atmospheric pressure. Some hydrogen water products are sold with announced values of 2.0ppm or higher, or even higher values of 7.0ppm, but these are almost always values under pressure inside the container. From the moment the lid is opened, the hydrogen above 1.57ppm is squeezed out like a balloon, which is faster, drinking it up or drinking it up? Even at concentrations below 1.57ppm, hydrogen is fine and light, so it does not stay in the water forever and continues to escape into the air. Unfortunately, it is a fact that there are products that focus only on the high concentration of hydrogen immediately after it is generated without explaining this, so we hope that we can convey the importance of having knowledge.

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