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Electrifying Health: Understanding the Workings of an Electrolysed Water Machine

Electrifying Health: Understanding the Workings of an Electrolysed Water Machine

Electrolysed water machines have garnered considerable attention for their purported health benefits. These innovative appliances claim to turn ordinary tap water into ionised water, which is alkaline and rich in antioxidants. But what exactly is an electrolysed water machine, and how does it work to impact health positively?

To put it simply, an electrolysed water machine, often referred to as a water ioniser, uses the process of electrolysis to alter the chemical composition of water. Tap water, which typically has a neutral pH, is passed through a filter and subsequently subjected to electrolysis. This process separates the water into two streams: alkaline ionised water and acidic water, due to the movement of ions.

The alkaline water is rich in negatively charged hydroxide ions (OH-), which proponents suggest can neutralise excess acidity in the body. This, in turn, is believed to help with a host of health concerns, from improving hydration to boosting the immune system.

Now, let's delve into the array of health benefits associated with drinking electrolysed water. Advocates claim that it can:

1. Enhance hydration: The smaller, optimally-sized water clusters formed during electrolysis are suggested to be absorbed more easily by cells, which could improve hydration.
2. Detoxify the body: Some believe that the antioxidant properties of ionised water help in eliminating free radicals, thereby aiding detoxification.
3. Balance body pH: Ionised water, being alkaline, is said to help balance

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