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All You Need To Know About A Electrolysis Water Filter Replacement

All You Need To Know About A Electrolysis Water Filter Replacement

We’re often asked about the procedures and reasons for a Electrolysis water filter replacement. We’re huge believers in the system so it is only fair that we have a look at proper Electrolysis water filter replacement protocols, some nifty hints for maintaining your machine, as well as some pieces of advice for storing everything effectively.

Before we talk about Electrolysis water filter replacements, we’re going to splurge a little about what makes the machines so special in the first place.


What Is So Good About Our Alkaline/Acidic Machines?

Let’s dive into what makes our products so popular in the first place. Electricity and liquid don’t always sound like a mix made in heaven, electrolysis on the other hand – is anything but dangerous. These machines have the innate ability to increase the vital Ph levels of liquid, bringing it up to much healthier levels than regular tap/bottled alternatives. A liquid that has a Ph level below 7 is considered to be acidic, anything above it is considered to be alkaline.

Alkaline is where the magic resides. There have been many reports, and celebrities who espouse the absolute utility and magic of alkaline for the body. There is quite a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests that drinking it regularly helps ease acid reflux for some users. While others who have poor bone health have noted that drinking it has assisted with their symptoms.

We’re always looking for the latest research, and they’re looking quite promising.

Proper Electrolysis Water Filter Replacement Procedure

Now we get to the heart of this blog piece. As you may have already noticed, we carry the most effective and efficient Electrolysis water filter replacement directly from Japan. We wouldn’t be selling them unless we used them ourselves so rest assured, you’re getting the best on the market. The company is renowned around the world for being the ‘Rolls Royce’ of ionisers, with platinum plated innards and medical grade titanium.

When you receive your Electrolysis water filter replacement, check the packaging to make sure there is no observable damage made during transit. Once you’re prepared to begin the Electrolysis water filter replacement, it’s time to turn off the machine at the power point. Try to ensure there is a clear working area as well.

Once the machine is turned off, open up the cover of the machine. Remove the old filter and get your Electrolysis water filter replacement clicked into place and you’re ready to go!

It’s best to pour a neutral glass right after installation to give the filter a little bit of time to adjust and to confirm that there is no leaking.

Some Storage & Maintenance Hints

As you can definitely tell now, conducting a Electrolysis water filter replacement is not too difficult and with a bit of practice – a second thought entirely. That being said we do have a few final thoughts and tips for you to make the most out of your machine, and to make future Electrolysis water filter replacement easier in the future.

One hint is to stock up on your spares, this may sound a little odd, but you don’t want to be caught without one when you need it the most, so having a good amount stored safely will do you well.

Another tip would be to absolutely ensure you perform a deep clean of your machine a couple of times a year to maintain fresh and efficient results.

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