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Hydrogen Kangen Water Generator System (Japan Ver.)

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Japan's latest water ionizer Built-in electrolytic tank, the latest development in the drinking water industry, with as many as seven electrode plates on board.
The newly developed SMPS power supply (Switch-mode power supply) is more efficient and Not only does it provide quality assurance for the electrolysis process, but it also enables more efficient energy savings.
The special design of the drainage device reduces the amount of wastewater generated and saves water.

Our Hydrogen Kangen Water generators are product certified for managed medical devices.
As the purpose or effect of alkaline ionized water
[Improvement of gastrointestinal symptoms] has been confirmed.
[8 types of water] can be made according to the purpose, from drinking to cooking, face washing, and disinfecting washing water .

Strong alkaline water (pH 11.5) : [Cannot drink] Water with emulsifying action.
Alkaline ionized water ④ ( pH10.5 ) : For removing vegetables
Alkaline ionized water ③ (pH9.5) : For drinking and cooking
Alkaline ionized water ② (pH 9.0) : For drinking and cooking rice
Alkaline ionized water ① (pH 8.5) : Drinking
Purified water (pH 7.0) : When drinking milk or medicine
Acid ionized water (pH 5.5) : [Cannot drink] For beauty such as face washing
Hypochlorous acid water (pH 2.5) : [Cannot be drunk] Water with high chlorine concentration and sterilizing power for sterilizing articles, etc.


What is the pH value?

pH is one of the indexes showing the alkalinity and acidity of water. The higher the pH value, the higher the alkalinity, and the lower the pH value, the higher the acidity of the water. Generally, pH 8 or higher is called alkaline ionized water and pH 6 or lower is called acidic ionized water. Since various usage methods differ depending on the pH value, please refer to the usage method of electrolyzed water in the above figure.

What Does a Hydrogen Kangen Water Generator System do?

A Hydrogen Kangen Water Generator System produces a simple but healthy product. In normal water, it contains 2 Hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The Hydrogen atoms cannot be absorbed properly, as they are bound to the oxygen atom. Consequently, your body cannot absorb all the benefits that come with it. With a Hydrogen Kangen Water Generator System, you are able to develop a product that has added molecules. When these are added, they are more ‘free’ and available in your body for use, which can lead to a number of benefits.

What are the Benefits of a Hydrogen Kangen Water Generator System?

There are many benefits that come with the use of a Kangen Water System, and these benefits are all health related.

May Provide Antioxidant Benefits

It is well known and researched that free radicals in the body can lead to an increased risk of cancer. They are unstable molecules that can further oxidative stress and are a big reason disease and inflammation occur. The use of an alkaline water system can help to reduce the number of free radicals in the body. Those who consume the product from a Hydrogen Kangen Water Generator System have been shown to have decreased levels of free radicals in their body, thereby leading to a decreased risk in disease and cancer.

May Help with Metabolic Syndrome

People with Metabolic Syndrome display symptoms of high blood sugar, high cholesterol, higher levels of triglyceride and excessive belly fat. Studies have shown that the use of a Hydrogen Kangen Water System or similar products can reduce the level of bad LDL and total cholesterol, as well as increase antioxidant activity and reduce the number of inflammatory markers.

May Be Beneficial to Athletes

Athletes are constantly looking for products that will help them gain a competitive advantage over their peers, so it is no surprise that they often use a Hydrogen Kangen Water System to help them gain an edge. A Hydrogen Kangen Water System does this by lowering the levels of blood lactate in the body and decreasing the level of muscle fatigue from strenuous activity. This can lead to a faster and more optimal recovery, allowing the athlete to give it their all again and again with lower recovery times. Another study showed an increase in power output when sprinting in those athletes who consumed the products of a Hydrogen Kangen Water System.

Why Choose Our Products?

A Kangen water system will always be designed and developed with quality in mind. Every one of our products produces what it is supposed to and every customer enjoys its benefits. With quality and customer experience in mind, we are sure you will enjoy our Hydrogen Kangen Generator System and the health benefits it can bring for you.

  • What is an Alkaline Water Machine?

    It is important to understand what an alkaline water machine is and how it works to produce a
    superior product compared to your everyday tap water. The Ph level in water helps to determine
    how acidic it is. Normal neutral level water is at a Ph level of 7. Anything below 7 is considered
    acidic, and anything above it is considered to be alkaline. A Kangen alkaline water machine is used to
    produce this type of water, which is said to bring with it many benefits for your body and is
    considered healthier than normal tap water. Regulatory bodies state that the Ph level of water
    should be between 6.5 and 8.5, however in many countries, the Ph level is typically far below this,
    making it acidic. The use of an alkaline water machine can help to produce high Ph levels in water,
    and allow you to reap the benefits of drinking this product.

  • What are the Benefits of an Alkaline Water Machine?

    There are many benefits that come from drinking the product of a Kangen alkaline water
    machine. These include:

    Bone Health and Osteoporosis
    The research done on the effects of an alkaline water machine and its product on bones has
    shown amazing results. It showed that drinking this product could help to reduce bone
    resorption. Bone resorption is when old bone is broken down, and replaced by new bone.
    By reducing the frequency of this process happening, you are able to strengthen your
    current bone, as you have more mineral density. To add to this, those affected by bone
    disease Osteoporosis could also receive benefits from the use of an alkaline water machine.
    It showed that diets using this product could help to counteract acidity, help the body to
    regulate its Ph levels and thereby prevent disease processes, including Osteoporosis.

    Acid Reflux
    Acid reflux is an issue with the body where stomach acid is able to travel its way up from the
    stomach to the chest and throat, which can cause problems. If this continues to happen, it
    can cause serious damage to the body and lead to a disease known as GERD, which is more
    serious. Studies have shown that using an alkaline water machine to produce pH levels of
    8.8 can help to prevent an enzyme that is related to acid reflux. It also can help to reduce
    the acid levels of the stomach, which can further prevent it from happening.